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Lender Watch - When Creditors Need To Be Watched

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22 February
Posted in Capital One
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Capital One and HSBC Credit Cards

Capital One might do a better job than HSBC Finance, Household Bank, and HSBC NV with regard to credit cards. Almost everyone has seen a commercial asking “What’s In Your Wallet”. Capital One is considered a financial holding company, and HSBC USA is made up of so many holding companies [...]

17 February
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Why Americans Find Predatory Lending Offensive

Author’s Note: I wrote this article in 2002. It has been copied, stolen, and reused without permission or credit given. When I wrote this article I was working as a government contractor in the years after I retired from the Marine Corps. Referencing Google Authority and copyright laws, I’m republishing [...]

12 January
Posted in General Finance
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Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and RBS roundup

Royal Bank of Scotland is eliminating 3,500 investment bank jobs and will sell or shut the bank’s equities and advisory business under a 3-year plan to further reduce risk. RBS said the bank will focus more on domestic retail and corporate banking. RBS, 83 percent owned by the UK government, [...]

5 January
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Wells and USAA mortgage refi, credit card news of the week

Thanks goodness for credit card reform. Compared to the old days it is really nice to get email reminders when a credit card payment is due. Confirmation emails are wonderful. What happened to huge profits generated by credit card companies when they “forgot” to mail a statement, just to make [...]

30 December
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Programming of HSBC Watch completed

Meeting another end-of-2011 goal Lender Watch recently completed reprogramming of HSBC Watch. The website was formerly located at and the new domain name better reflects today’s visitor interests. Timothy Blake and Lender Watch have owned the domain name for many years. Forums are Smart Phone Ready HSBC Watch [...]